Did you know that Estonia is among the top three birdwatching destinations in Europe? Torgo Talu is located 20 minutes from Matsalu National Park, one of the best birdwatching destinations in Estonia. Over 380 species of birds are spotted in the country each year.

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Nearby towns

The closest town to Torgo Talu is Vana-Vigala. Here you will find a fascinating 18th century manor house where you can wander along the 1.5 km nature trail.

Märjamaa is a quaint little town located just off Pärnu mnt highway in the country of Raplamaa. Wander through the curious shops and explore the local landmarks like the fully preserved medieval St. Mary’s Church and the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Velise Village is home to a weaving school in summer, where you can learn the basics of traditional and modern techniques.

Lihula, near Matsalu National Park is best explored starting in the 13th century manor, which houses the Lihula Museum and tourist information centre.