After a day of hiking or exploring the local countryside, enjoy the traditional Estonian sauna and wood-fired hot tub at Torgo Talu.


When most people think about bathing, they tend to think about a shower, soap and towel. At Torgo Talu, we have preserved an age-old Nordic bathing ritual where one of the key elements is “making” your water.

The process begins by filling the wood heated water stove with cold water. Next --making a fire in the hearth to heat the water. Once the fire has been successfully lit then it's time to repeat the process in the sauna. Both require proper management and care to insure that the water and sauna will be at the desired temperature. If the task is to be performed solitarily then you can focus on the sounds and smells that are emitted from both hearths. A proper “sauna” beer fits well here. If you have company - then it is essential to keep regular watch of the fires as it is not uncommon that one or both of the fires go out when good conversation takes hold in the sitting room.

Once the water and sauna have been heated to the desired temperature, it is time for the bathing process to begin. Traditionally you never enter a sauna “dirty”, which means that a quick rinse is usually the first order of the bathing process. After rinsing, you’re ready for your first round of the sauna. This is usually without “leil” (steam) and is intended to allow the body to slowly get used to the heat of the sauna. The second round may already see water being gently poured onto the stones for some desired “leil”, which is followed by a quick increase of moisture in the air. Care must be taken not to pour too much water on the stones that will create too much heat.

When you’ve had your share of heat and it is finally time to do the final wash, it is very common to ask your companion to wash your back. Yes, this may at first seem like a funny request --but once you have experienced the age old Estonian backwash, you will never settle for anything less when having a sauna.

After a day of hiking or exploring the local countryside, enjoy the traditional Estonian sauna at Torgo Talu. Our wood-fired sauna seats up to four people, with linens, soaps and scrubs included. The sauna is heated to about 100°C, yes, Celsius. While some saunas can have quite harsh steam, Torgo’s sauna steam is gradually warming. We can provide birch branches for ‘whipping’ yourself, a custom that helps stimulate circulation, or try an exfoliating scrub. Cool off in the river in summer, or jump in the snow in winter.

Sauna €50

You can also soak away your troubles in our freshwater, wood-fired hot tub while looking up at the stars. Our handcrafted wooden tub fits up to eight people and sits right beside the river. The water is heated to 38-40°C.

Hot tub €50